About Us

About Mpumamanzi Group

Mpumamanzi Group (previously known as Mpumamanzi Laboratory Services) was established in 2000 by Mr. Methusalem Lefula Motsepe.

Mpumamanzi Group has its origins in the Mpumalanga Province. The Province is perceived as one of the most improvised regions in country – however, our emergence and contribution to region has already produced results and is benefitting many young natural scientists. We have already relayed a message to both the water – and mining sector to be on the outlook for Mpumamanzi as we emerge to be counted amongst the best. Mpumamanzi figuratively means “Emerging Force or Energy”.

In 2009 Company took a decision to diversify its services from a company that provided a pure laboratory services to that which provided a broad range of services particularly focussed on the water sector. The decision was visionary as the company started to grow exponentially and with the support of funding from SEDA (Small Enterprise Development Agency).

Mpumamanzi Group primarily comprises of four Directorates, namely: Water Engineering Services; Scientific Services; Finance & HR Services and Allied Services. The company also owns three subsidiary companies, namely: Mpumamanzi Coal Services, Mpumamanzi Academy, Mpumamanzi Laboratory Services and Mpumamanzi Consortium. The company operates under a Presidency which is responsible for the legal – and strategic direction of the Company. The President of the company is Mr. Thusi Motsepe and he is supported by four Executive Directors.

“Looking beyond our Roots”

To provide a professional water analytical service
To provide a professional water quality management service
To develop a competent working corps
To establish a national working base
To engage in professional training initiatives
To embrace quality management systems